Mirah Jackson

Picture of table decorations made by Mrs. Shannon Bubar, senior class co-adviser.

Seniors Engage in Classic Bonding Tradition

Senior Campfire, held on October 16, 2020, was dedicated to the senior class of 2021 to read letters from their friends and family. The event also included food and drinks for the seniors attending.

Senior Laila Anderson’s family offered their home and planned the event. Laila said, “It was stressful setting up for the whole senior class, but it was also fun.” She also adds there wasn’t that much planning that went into the event; some of the parents and Miyah Harris helped set up at the location.

Photo Booth and concessions for the seniors at the senior campfire (Mirah Jackson)


Laila’s family was informed by the Cordelia Fire Department that a fire will not be allowed at the event due to safety concerns.

The event began with seniors arriving at the Anderson’s property and heading over to a group of tables placed on the field by the house. Tables were also set up to hold food that was donated from senior parents and tacos from a taco truck provided by the Anderson family. Students wore their masks as they revisited with distance learners, only taking the masks off when eating.

A collection of seniors begin reading their letters together (Mirah Jackson )


Mrs. Bubar, the senior class advisor, and Mr. Davis, head of school, said a few words to the senior class. “Despite COVID, the Senior class is planning to make sure that they do not miss out on any of the senior class activities.,” Mrs. Bubar said.

After eating tacos seniors went to another section of the field to read letters. Emotions were on full display; seniors smiled, laughed, and cried as they read letters from friends and family.

Senior Joshua Shelby spoke about his time at the event. “My favorite memory from the senior campfire had to be reuniting with my zoomer [distance learning] friends, reading letters that my friends and family wrote to me, and taking all the cookies,” Josh said.

Distance learning seniors, like Jimmy Souza attended the event alongside his classmates. “Most memorable part was finally being able to see everyone after months of solitude from quarantine.” Jimmy mentioned as well that everyone wore their face masks at the event.

Senior Mackenzie Smith is a new addition to the class of 2021. “When I first came to VCS I was terrified because I knew I would have to attempt to force myself into a friend group that had been together for most of their lives,” Kenzie said. Mackenzie added that the senior class, to her surprise, welcomed her with open arms.

Josh Shelby reads a letter written by friends or family at Senior Campfire October 16, 2020. (Mirah Jackson)


The event ended with seniors taking fun photos with each other at the photo booth and then the senior class left with warm feelings.

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