Let’s Do Lunch

This story was previously published in the October 28, 2020, issue of the VCHS Talon


Briana Hanson

Seniors Megan Redican, Emma Reheis (back to camera), and Rachel Nelson and junior Mitchell Bishop wait for their lunch at L & L Hawaiian Barbecue at Nut Tree.

Excited to go out for lunch this week?

Before you go, there are a lot of things to take into account, not only the school rules, but new factors are in place due to the ongoing pandemic.

Senior Rachel Nelson stated, “Last year was mostly spent in panic, as we didn’t know how to manage our time correctly.”
11th and 12th graders get off-campus lunch on Wednesdays, and 12th graders have the privilege of an additional day, Thursday. This tradition has existed for VCHS students for at least 10 years. Sean Tracy said, “In the past, we’ve gone to L&L BBQ almost weekly and eaten there.”

When eating on-campus, students are required to either eat outside (distanced) or in the student lounge (distanced). Students eat under the bleachers, or on the patio area behind the high school, these areas only allow for four students per table. This is difficult for students as this is their time to socialize, and they may be hindered by the distance and lack of room for extended amounts of friends.

Not only do students with off-campus privilege have to decide where they want to go, but now they must check and see if they can even eat at their desired destination. Some students find it easiest to call the restaurant ahead of time and place an order, then going only to pick up the meal or meals.

Where is available? To name a few, Koi Express, L&L Hawaiian BBQ, and In ‘n Out are all good options for students to grab a quick bite, students frequent these places as they are fast, easy, and delicious.