Thanksgiving Traditions Continue

This graphic illustration, based on the painting by Norman Rockwell, was created by Emma Reheis.

This graphic illustration, based on the painting by Norman Rockwell, was created by Emma Reheis.

Thanksgiving is one of the most recognizable American Holidays, and it would not be the same if not for the many traditions that come with it. At the core, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and reflecting on the many blessings we have.

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Macy’s parade in the morning as a family,” freshman Kelsey Trumble said. “It started with my Grandpa because he wanted to start the holiday off as a family. It’s important for us to take a moment from our busy lives and reflect on all that we are blessed with.”

Sophomore Cole Robinson’s  favorite Thanksgiving tradition is “going to our friends” house and having Thanksgiving dinner.” He is not aware of who started this tradition, but he really appreciates this tradition.”It’s just nice to spend Thanksgiving with friends,” Cole said.

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is being the one to make the mashed potatoes and picking out the pies we’re going to eat from Nations,” junior Lillianna Ojeda said. “Once I learned how to make mashed potatoes, I started the tradition of being the one to make them, and I think my parents started the tradition of us getting pies from Nations,” she said. “Not to brag, but I make the best mashed potatoes, so being able to make them for Thanksgiving is kind of of and honor and it brings me a lot of joy.”

Others enjoy the time off from school more than anything.  “I just love that there is a break at Thanksgiving,” senior Charlie Zha said. “There is not really a tradition I like though. I would like to hangout with my friends and spend time cooking and playing video games.”

Mr. Roberto Montes, Spanish teacher at VCS,  said his favorite tradition was “celebrating friendsgiving the day before actual Thanksgiving,” he said.  “We felt as a group that we needed a day to give thanks for our friend group. We all make some sort of dish whether it be food or drink such as apple pie.”