Students Get a Four Day Weekend


Valentine’s Day and President”s Day both took place over our February four day weekend.

Valentine’s Day is the commemoration of love that occurs every February 14, and Presidents’ Day occurs every February 15. Presidents’ Day can be seen as the celebration of the lives of all our presidents. Valentine’s Day was thought to have originated from Lupercalia, which was an ancient, pre-Roman annual festival that occurred in the city of Rome from February 13 to the 15 that cleansed the city by averting evil spirits, according to Wikipedia.

Valentine’s Day gets its name from Saint Valentine, a 3rd century Roman saint who was a victim of martyrdom during the persecutions of Christians around the year 270. A day to celebrate presidents was established in 1885 by the U.S. Congress in recognition of all past presidents, current presidents, and future presidents.

Presidents’ Day is celebrated on February 15 because both George Washington’s (Feb. 22) and Abraham Lincoln’s (Feb. 12) birthdays surround that day. The holiday became known as Presidents’ Day after it was passed as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1971 which was an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers made by Congress. Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday which means that the U.S. Post Office, DMV, most banks, schools, and other government offices are closed.

Presidents’ Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for people to go up into the snow. This year most ski resorts in Tahoe will be open, but they must keep the maximum number of people limited due to the virus.

While Presidents’ Day is a national holiday, Valentine’s Day is not, which means that stores, government offices, and other organizations will be open as usual. Restaurants will be open and will probably be more busy as many people will go out for dinner with their partners.Every year there are some men who forget Valentine’s Day, but what happens to these men? “They usually make an excuse to go to the store or get gas for the car and quickly go buy something. (Or just feel guilty and stupid all day) Or try to pretend that they had something planned for the evening,” said Mr. Jacobs, who teaches history.

Every year, VCS takes Friday and Monday off for Presidents’ Day Weekend,which can let students and staff catch up on work and spend time with their families.“It doesn’t really feel like something important to celebrate because we don’t get a day off like other holidays, and it seems like a holiday directed to only certain people,” sophomore Thomas Lane said about Valentines Day. “I like to play video games with my friends or family. Although I end up having to do other things like sports, cleaning, or my parents will want me to go somewhere with them,” Thomas said about what he likes to do over long weekends like Presidents’ Day.