Mrs. Barr to Retire After 16 Years at VCS

This story was first published in the print VCHS Talon on April 21, 2021.


Garrett Kuch

Mrs. Barr teaching her 4th period Art 1 class.

This year is Mrs. Barr’s final year teaching at VCHS. She has been teaching at VCS for 16 years mainly teaching art but also a few Bible classes. She also taught at Buckingham for 6 years prior to arriving at VCS. Her contribution will hold a lasting impact on not only the art program but VCHS as a whole.

“She has developed a strong Art program and has helped students excel in ways they didn’t know were possible,” VCMS/HS Vice Principal Mrs. Terra Golden said.

“I am proud of all of my kiddos, especially when I see their skill level improve throughout the year, and between Art 1 all the way to AP Art,” Mrs. Barr said.

For many students and staff members, Mrs. Barr is not only a phenomenal art teacher, but someone who has given great life advice and set an example for students to follow.

“I love how Mrs. Barr is candid and honest about what she thinks,” senior Rachel Nelson said. “This strength makes her a wonderful art teacher, and also someone who gives good advice to you about life stuff.”

Sophomores Kirra Martin, Jordan Holden, and Nakaya Peters listen to Mrs. Barr’s ideas on what to add to their projects. (Garrett Kuch)

Rachel has had Mrs. Barr in class for multiple years, and is the Soroptimist Club (S club) president, of which Mrs. Barr is the advisor. Rachel says Mrs. Barr has allowed her to become a better artist and ultimately grow as a person.

“Her heart for the Lord, and sharing His word with others will leave a lasting impression on those she has spoken to, and those who have witnessed it in action,” Mrs. Terra Golden said.“She is bold about her faith, and it is inspiring.”

“One of my favorite things to do was share the gospel with my students, and it was so rewarding when they would receive it into their hearts,” Mrs. Barr said. “I will miss many things: the student interactions, the moment when a kid gets it, and friendships with other teachers.”

The next chapter in her life is working from home, creating her own art business mainly focusing on painting. She said it has been a dream of hers for a while, and is excited it is finally coming true. She hopes to come back and sub every once in a while, but she will leave that for future her to decide.

“I think the thing I will miss the most about Mrs. Barr are the quick visits and daily check-ins that she gives me each day. She always has something wonderful to say that helps me start my day off well,” Mrs. Golden said. “She has taught me to push myself out of my comfort zone creatively and try new things, which has allowed me to be a better artists and grow as a person,” Rachel Nelson said.