What Gift Are You Giving Them

What should I get them? A common question asked around the holidays, but what is the answer? The best gift comes from the heart is a common saying, but what does it mean? You have to find out what the person wants.

A few of our students and teachers answered some questions to help you decide what kind of gift to get. I asked Mr.Powell, a teacher here at VCHS, what is the best gift to give a teacher, he said “Momentos that express the students appreciation for the teacher.” 

I asked Timothy Yasui “What does a teenage boy want?” and he said “Happiness, technology.” That may be broad but it also depends on the person as and gift needs to.

I have spoken to Moriah Stanley about what a teenage girl would want for Christmas and she said, “Skin care, clothes, and gift cards.”

What kind of gifts does an athlete want? Rohan said, “sports gear, creatine, and not much else.”

But what do you get your best friend? Cindy Wang said “Bracelets, and food”

`All of these are ideas from our students and staff at VCHS, but five people don’t speak for everyone. So think to yourself what would you give a teacher, or a fellow student, or your best friend.