Easter Break Coming Soon!

Easter Break is a break from school, and it starts April 15. School begins again on Monday, April 25. Everyone loves it and enjoys every minute of it, from sleeping in to hanging out with friends. To do whatever you want whenever you want. To vacations and trips with families and time away from school and constant work. Everyone loves Easter Break.

“I love Easter Break because I get free stuff and am able to get out of school for a week,” junior Jayden Smotherman said. Getting able to sleep in and not worry about an upcoming test or subject for school is amazing.

Easter Break is huge for all students and teachers from catching up on all school work for all teachers and students, or being able to rest for a while and not feel stressed about any assignments needing to be done or tests needing to study on and hopefully get a great score. Great part about Easter Break is maybe going on a vacation with your family or friends you have been waiting on, or just meeting up with friends and family around each other’s house’s or neighborhoods and doing fun activities together. Life is much better when you’re with friends and family.