It’s Time for Prom Preparation

Prom is approaching super fast (see our News story), and it’s time for our student body to start thinking about prom preparation.

There isn’t much anyone knows about prom yet, but the thing we do know is it’s occurring on April 30 in Roseville.

It is never too early to think about preparation. When girls are on the search for prom dresses some good nearby places to look at are Macy’s, Windsor, and Charlotte Chiu Bridal; each store is located in Fairfield. “This year I plan to buy my dress from Macy’s, but last year I bought one from David’s Bridal,” junior Ainsley Smith said.

Now for the boys, some good and convenient places to buy a tuxedo from are Men’s Warehouse, Macy’s, and OK Corral. Those are just a few common and nearby places. “I bought my suit already and I got it from Calvin Klein,” junior Carter Peters said.

If anyone is looking to steam a suit or a dress or to make any alterations Vacaville has two 5-star rated places. Some nearby dry cleaners and tailors are Willards Dry Cleaners and Golden Cleaners. Willards Dry Cleaners is located on 400 Merchant Street in Vacaville. Golden Cleaners is located on 997 Alamo Drive.

Corsages are a big thing for prom and some boys might not know what they are. A corsage is a small thing of flowers typically worn around a girl’s left wrist. Boys, get your date a corsage! You can find corsages at Brick by Brick Floral located on 370 Magnolia Ave. Many grocery stores also offer corsages. “Last year I bought a corsage from Stems Florist on Main Street,” junior Harrison Jones said.

Prom preparation can be super fun and super stressful, so get planning!

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