Prom Fashion: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Prom, for some it’s a red carpet event and for others….not so much.

At VCS all students can attend the prom; in many other schools, only juniors and seniors can attend prom.

Of course the real issue is what will all these students wear? Lots of students need some advice about where to go, color themes and how to pick the most flattering style, all while following the dress code, of course.

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Would you wear Neon?


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There are lots of opinions when it comes to what looks good and what does not. “NEON, oh my, please, no neon,” sophomore Gabi Bolorino said.

While some had strong opinions others felt a bit less passionate. “I don’t know what the best is, but I like the ones that get creative and not just wear black and white suits,” freshman Justyn Martinez said.

Ladies and gentlemen, you may need to hurry if you want to even have a choice in the matter. Dresses, suits and tuxedos sell out super early. Some great places to check out nearby are Windsor and Liz’s shoes in the Solano Mall. They are a little higher priced than the Macy’s and JCPenney also located in the Solano Mall, but they are a bit more updated on recent styles and they sell affordable heels. Macys and JCPenney offer more affordable options if you have time to really dig. David’s Bridal is a great option; it always has some dresses on clearance. They are a bit far out, located in Sacramento.

One thing we all want to do is look good at Prom. So what exactly is the best thing to wear to prom? Everyone differs in opinion but there are some things the majority of us can agree on. For girls, following dress code is an important aspect while also finding a dress that compliments them. For boys, it’s a decision of a tuxedo vs a suit or what kind of shirt to wear that doesn’t look too casual while also following dress code.

Meanwhile, everyone is trying to find something unique and original. “One of my favorites for prom is seeing the ball gown type of style. I wish I could pull it off but they are so fun!” senior Cali Webb said.

For guys, “Probably a tux, black is pretty classy or dark blue.” senior Rohan Aujla said.