Falcon Spotlight – Sam Salas


Josh Gorton

Junior Sam Salas shows us her finished scratchboard project.

This week’s Falcon Spotlight features junior Sam Salas!

In Art 2, Mrs. Barr had assigned the “scratchboard project”, a project for which students take an X-ACTO knife to a small black board and etch an artistic design. Art students use the knife to make scratch marks on the surface of the black board, creating white marks that contrast with the background of the board. In this case, Sam decided to design a wolf on her board. In the span of a long 2½ weeks, this featured image was the finished product!

“At first, I thought it was gonna be the worst project ever and look so bad, but it actually ended up looking pretty good and I’m happy that it turned out the way I wanted it to,” Sam Salas said.

Mrs. Barr loves teaching her Art 2 class. So much so, that she enjoys playfully singing and dancing around the classroom as she helps her students. Why Sam loves art isn’t exclusive to Mrs. Barr’s singing and dancing abilities, though. Art to Sam means so much more. It’s a conduit to express emotion and creativity with each stroke of the brush. 

“Art to me is everything. It’s where creativity and imagination comes from,” Sam said.

Art can be a bit daunting for underclassmen just starting out the class. As a junior in Art 2, here is a piece of advice for all of you!

“Do not focus on being perfect, just do your own thing. That’s the great thing about art: there’s no right way to do something,” Sam said.

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