Falcon Spotlight – Naji Murad

This week’s Falcon Spotlight features freshman Naji Murad!


Naji is known by his friends and peers as the “tech guy,” but what does that really mean? On campus he has displayed various gadgets that he has built, such as a remote that controls the projectors, a real working calculator, and a mini-game that he built on a coding board. 

Outside of school Naji has done a variety of tech-related activities such as building a gigabit server, and building and repairing several computers. “Outside of school I’m taking a Brigham Young University computer engineering class online,” Naji said.

“I’ve helped every teacher for every class I have at least once,” Naji said. For example, in Ms. Rea’s class he helped by hooking up her calculator to the SmartBoard. He is responsible for several jobs in Chapel Media Arts class, such as editing, shooting videos, and running the projectors up in the booth. 

“I really like being able to help with and contribute to chapel,” Naji Said.

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