Falcon Spotlight: Mrs. Cassinelli & Metina Cassinelli

Read about what has been keeping Mrs. Casinelli & Metina Cassinelli busy during quarantine!


Our Falcon Spotlight features Mrs. Sandra & Metina Cassinelli. They are working at home adorning rocks with inspiring and hopeful messages, placing each rock in random places around Vacaville. Their goal is to help spread positivity and encouragement during this quarantine. The duo have an Instagram account, @quarantinerox, where they post images of the rocks they’ve painted.

We have already had several people find the rocks, post them and then make rocks themselves and kept it going,” Mrs. Cassinelli said.  “We are having a great time and it gave us a little purpose in all those idle hours.”

An example here of a rock Mrs. Cassinelli and Metina Cassinelli painted.

It’s not just painting rocks that has kept these two Cassinelli women busy. They began watching films of criminal injustice, such as “Making a Murderer,” a story of Steven Avery who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Another show they’ve been indulging in is “West Memphis 3,” the story of three teens charged with and convicted of murdering three boys in 1993.

The pair also “got caught up in the mess of Tiger King,” the Netflix story of zookeeper Joe Exotic which took the internet by storm.