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Eighth Graders Experience High School

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VCMS 8th graders had the “Adventure of a Lifetime” on Tuesday, November 14,  visiting the high school in a new way.

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I like going around high school and experiencing high school experiences.”

— Kimberly Miller

Instead of shadowing a single high schooler for the day, as in former classes’ visits, the class of 2022 selected which classes they were interested in visiting. They carried “passports” through the day, getting their “visas” signed by the teachers of the classes they had selected.


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One of the biggest differences from middle school is that there are stairs. Classes are super nice, but seem more difficult.”

— Laura Everett


The day began at First Baptist, for high school chapel. Chapel Leadership led worship, with many students coming up to the front to sing. Rapper Jamir Jones stepped in during the final song which energized the crowd who cheered and jumped.

A video by Chapel Media Arts presented a high school student who was at first was knocked down from his goal by anxiety, depression, and pain but then helped up by God.

Chapel speaker was Lyndsey Elm, VCHS class of 2010, who told her story of appearing on season 9 of The Voice and her music career since then.

8th graders were treated to a Chik-Fil-A lunch in the College Resource Center, where they met Mr. Aizell Kittles, VCHS College Counselor.


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The thing I enjoy the most about high school is that we have more freedom during lunch.”

— Bryce Pazdel


8th graders chose classes based on their interest in pursuing that subject in high school or even beyond.


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I enjoyed the art class the most because it is fun to see how people are great artists and I get to see their artwork.”

— Nathan Baker


8th graders enjoyed classes, noticing several differences between middle school and high school.


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The biggest difference from middle school is that you actually have options here rather than in middle school where you take the same exact classes as everyone else.”

— Sofia Calderon


Students may have had some difficulty finding the rooms they were supposed to be in, but even that seemed enjoyable.


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It’s been fun. I got to look around and see what goes on. I really liked French because we learned to count.”

— Melanie Serrano


Some high school classes adjusted normal activities to recruit upcoming students to choose that elective. Journalism, Newspaper and Yearbook students brought brownies and cookies to give the prospective student publications creators. Other classes took a more “here’s what you can expect” approach.


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I learned I should not take chemistry my freshman year.”

— Jason Olsen


Tuesday evening, parents were invited to attend an Open House with their students. The Open House featured the “Jazz Lounge” also known as the Student Lounge, where raffles were held and refreshments were served.


The new approach for 8th grade Visit Day seemed to be successful to the 8th graders as well as teachers whose classes they visited.


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The teachers are more social and do not focus solely on the subject.”

— A. J. Piehl

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Eighth Graders Experience High School