How Corona Virus is Affecting Students and Teachers


Jeri Mcfadden

Mr. Steve Jacobs teaches his 7th grade history class with a wig on to make his students laugh.

There has been a huge shift in the way the world works in the past three weeks. For the past three weeks life has been put on hold with the world trying to slow the Corona Virus.

However, that is not stopping students and teachers.

On Friday, March 13, 2020, at 2 p.m., there was an announcement on the loudspeaker saying the school would be shut down the following week, and students began processing what the announcement meant. The lower classmen rejoiced audibly throughout the hallways, while the upperclassmen, especially the seniors, stayed quiet realizing what this meant for the rest of the year. 

Since then, classes have switched over to meeting together on Zoom video meeting platform, with teachers and students trying to adjust to the new systems and schedule. “The hardest thing for me to adjust to is simply to adapt my organization and find a consistent location to find Zoom meeting codes,” sophomore Ryan Elledge said.

History teacher Mr. Steve Jacobs said, I didn’t realize how much I use the interactions and reactions of the students in my teaching.  It is hard for me to NOT see the effect of my questions and how students react with each other. I miss that.” 

Although it’s difficult, some students believe that staying in quarantine for the safety of others is important, or a better alternative to the classroom.

“I think it’s better than having to go to school because you can get done with school and finish your homework at a reasonable time, have the rest of the day to yourself, and not stay up late to deal with assignments that you probably waited last minute to do,” sophomore Jolee Langill said.

However, with the quarantine, comes the cancellation of all kinds of all organized social events such parties, clubs, and sports. Cancelling spring sports has been a very difficult change in the lives of many high school students.

“For softball, starting the season off to a rocky start was definitely rough, but having a group of girls dedicated to the sport really shows the perseverance in young people. While it is sad that we could lose our season, I’m hoping for the best in a postponement to be able to play at least a little bit in my final softball season of high school,” softball team captain Jerrah Lopez said.