Falcons Welcome Chris Lespron Home

After a terrible injury, Chris was delighted to see a parade of Falcons pass by his house.


Mr. Rowland decorates his black hummer with balloons and paint in preparation for Chris’s parade.

On the breezy Friday of May 1, at 6:30 pm, Falcons gathered in their cars at Al Patch Park to organize a parade, welcoming sophomore Chris Lespron home from the hospital. Following his injury, Chris spent 9 days in the hospital recovering from brain surgery. 

Mrs. Shannon Bubar hosted this parade, bringing washable paint for others to paint their cars with encouraging and welcoming messages for Chris. The parade was led by a Fairfield PD officer, ensuring all Covid-19 regulations were being followed. He even participated in the drive-by parade, blaring his lights and sirens through the residential streets showing support for Chris during this rough time.

“We’re coming together to show support for Chris Lespron and welcome him home with a drive-by parade,” Mrs. Bubar said.

One of the 25 or so people that came was Principal Mr. Joseph Rowland, who adorned his Hummer with balloons and heart-warming messages in red paint on his windows.

“I heard we were coming together for Chris and I wanted to be a part of that to show love and support to the family and join the rest of the VCS community,” Mr. Rowland said.

2019 alum Izzy Petrovsky decorates Mrs. Bubar’s vehicle to support Chris Lespron following his injury.

Mr. Rowland said he was “shocked and afraid” when he first found out about the accident involving Chris on his bicycle and the truck. Mr. Rowland has been a part of a group chat receiving updates on Chris’s condition, finally being informed that Chris would be okay in the long run. Additionally, a large prayer chain had formed around Chris, praying for God to keep His hand over Chris at all times.

In addition to the teachers and faculty that came, there were also around 15 students, all of whom know Chris in some way and wanted to be a part of this event. Each student decorated cars with the same paint in preparation for the parade.

“I came because I care for Chris and I wanted to show as much love and support as I can for him with this parade,” junior Josh Shelby said. “I also hope his parents are doing okay, as this must be really tough for them too.”

“I was super scared when I found out, as I’ve had friends and family members paralyzed from motorcycle accidents, so I know how serious it can be,” junior Briana Hansen said. “I was in communication with him the whole time so I knew he’d be okay.”

Led by the Fairfield PD officer, cars queued up on the residential street Chris lives on and proceeded to drive by honking their horns and screaming out the window “We love you Chris!” and “Welcome home!” as they drove by.