Chapel Satisfies Students

Freshman Nico Meadows, Mackenzie West, Teagan Gonzales, and Olivia Immel paint rocks in the MP during chapel on October 13, 2020.
Freshmen Nico Meadows, Mackenzie West, Teagan Gonzales, and Olivia Immel paint rocks in the MP during chapel on October 13, 2020. (Emerson Meggers)
Cross Country coach Mia Douglas shares her testimony to the senior class in room 104 on October 13, 2020. (Emerson Meggers )
The Chapel Leadership Team (seniors Mackenzie Smith, Gabe Cabezas, sophomore Shelbie Simmons, seniors Kalei Yamato, Metina Cassinelli, Briana Hanson and junior Jonathan Cui) lead worship in the Rock Garden on October 20, 2020. (Garrett Kuch)
The sophomore class sits in the gym and listens to Mrs. McFadden, Mr. Powell, and Officer Bubar perspectives on racism on October 27, 2020. (Will Kroll)
Sophomores listen and sing with the chapel leadership in the rock garden on October 13, 2020 (Emerson Meggers)
Juniors listen to Mr. Kuch, Dr. Gaborko, and Mr. Wilson in the gym during a panel discussion chapel on October 13, 2020 (Emerson Meggers)

Despite Covid-19 putting a dent in almost all school activities, chapel is still going strong.

“The new chapel setup is divided by grades, and each week we rotate and experience new activities,” said junior Kirra Moore. “I enjoy having a different chapel event each week.”

Each week students change chapel venues: the gym, where there are real life panel discussion seminars, about topics such as racism and the role science plays in Christianity; the multi-purpose room, where students express themselves artistically; Room #104, where people share their testimonies, like Coach Mia Douglas and Coach Manny Tarango; and the Rock Garden, where there is worship music and a sermon, usually provided by the Chapel Leadership Team and Mrs. Strickland.

Chapel leaders are constantly looking for feedback from students on how to make the chapels more applicable to their lives. “I would suggest more interactive opportunities within each grade so we are able to bond with our classmates more,” Kirra said.

Although it can be difficult for people to share their testimonies, they recognize the value it can have. “I always enjoy sharing my testimony- though it is somewhat painful; it is my hope that someone out there who really needs to hear this story, will find renewed strength, hope and inspiration. And, as often as I mention, speaking these words help me to take away the negative power of those feelings,” Mrs. Cassinelli said. She helped lead the rock painting chapel in the MP during first rotation.

Other students, however, had different perspectives. “Chapel is good but I don’t like how we need to rotate to different places,” said sophomore Naji Murad.

Senior Gabe Cabezas likes the chapel format, but misses how it used to be.  “I think the chapel layout is good, I just wish that we could get all the classes together in the FBC,” he said.

Freshman Grayson Frische is very content with the new chapel format, but especially enjoys the testimonies in room #104. “I like the speeches in 104 the most,” he said. “I can listen to the story then resume talking to my friends about the story afterwards.”

While there are always improvements to be made, our student body is generally satisfied with the new chapel format.