Meet the Talon Staff

This story was previously published in the October 28, 2020, issue of the VCHS Talon.

This year’s Talon staff consists of Metina Cassinelli, Briana Hanson, Harrison Jones, Will Kroll, Garrett Kuch, and Emma Reheis. The staff have come together using teamwork to create this issue of the VCHS Talon.

Metina Cassinelli (Will Kroll)

Metina Cassinelli is a senior and member of the Talon staff. Her favorite thing about the Talon is, “being able to represent the student body.” She said she will use teamwork to create the Talon with other members by bouncing ideas off of each other. “I think we have the potential to become a good team,” Metina said.

Briana Hanson (Will Kroll)

Another senior and member of the Talon staff is Briana Hanson. She said the Talon “gives the students a voice. I was taking broadcast journalism and I really enjoyed announcing and informing in that class,” Briana said. “Communication is key, I’m excited to work with this group of people. Some of them I don’t know as well but I am excited to get to meet them,” said Briana about her team.

Harrison Jones (Will Kroll)

“The Talon staff accurately informs us about the news of this world in an unbiased way;,however, they also provide an in-depth analysis on their opinionated pieces,” sophomore Harrison Jones said this is his favorite thing about the Talon. “I wanted to grow as a journalist and work with others to promote unity in the student body under the great leadership and mentorship of Mrs. McFadden,” Harrison said.

Will Kroll (Garrett Kuch)

My name is Will Kroll, I am currently a sophomore and member of the Talon. “My favorite thing about the Talon is probably how everybody in the Talon can create a newspaper that will be issued to the entire school.” “The main reason I chose journalism over any other elective is because it seemed pretty cool and I thought it would be fun to make a newspaper for the first time.”

Garrett Kuch (Will Kroll)

Garrett Kuch is also a sophomore and member of the Talon staff. His favorite thing about the Talon is, “the other writers and how our class is taking time to get others’ opinions for the Talon.” The main reason Garrett joined the Talon was because “it sounded like a fun and interesting elective to take.” The thing that he likes the most about the Talon is that “we all can criticize each other in a good way; we are all open to each other about our opinions.”

Emma Reheis (Will Kroll)

Emma Reheis is another one of the three seniors in the Talon staff. “I was interested in journalism and wanted to learn more about it,” Emma said. The main way she thinks the Talon can include teamwork is through communication and working together on different stories to help get the Talon done on time. “I feel very confident in the team: everyone has good ideas to make the Talon better,” Emma said.