Deck the Halls


Garrett Kuch

The VCHS office gets into the Christmas spirit.

Deck the Halls has been a VCHS tradition for many years that usually takes place during the Christmas spirit week. Everyone looks forward to decorating their part of the hallway in the Christmas theme which really builds Christmas spirit throughout the grades.

Each grade is assigned a specific “Christmas color:” freshmen’s color is red, sophomores’ white, juniors’  green, and the seniors’ color is gold. The grades have the week of December 7 – 11 this year to decorate their portion of the hallway; freshman with the hallway near the office, sophomores the hallway downstairs furthest from the bathroom, juniors the hallway upstairs furthest from the bathroom , and seniors the rest of the upstairs hallway on the side of the bathroom.

Judging will happen Thursday afternoon, December 10. “My favorite part,” senior Albert said, “is how we decorate everything and how everything looks so pretty on Friday.” Albert is a student council senior class representative this year, and is looking forward to helping his class decorate.