VCS Announces Schedule Changes

VCS Announces Schedule Changes

On Thursday, December 17, the VCS Head of School, Mr. Ben Davis, sent out an email regarding schedule adjustments for the second semester. These adjustments include all Fridays becoming minimum days for both the middle school and high school students, additional days off for all students, and 5 additional leave days available for staff.

 Fridays become minimum days beginning the week of January 11. The additional days off that all students receive will be January 29, February 26 (this date will also include the Early Childhood Education department), March 12, and May 21. All of these days are Fridays, meaning students receive a longer weekend. These dates become on-campus work days for staff. 

We know that it has been a difficult time for our teachers and students with hybrid teaching/learning. Teachers have to work with three modalities:  in person, online, and with international students in other countries.  There is not enough time to sift through all of the lesson planning, grading, tutoring, and teaching, and still be successful. So, this additional time is not really time off for teachers, but additional time to prep, grade, and prepare, and maybe catch a breath in between,”  Mrs. Terra Golden, VCMS/VCHS Vice Principal said. 

“We expect that teachers will use the time to plan, grade, tutor, anything that will help them stay afloat during this time.  The change we hope to see is one of refreshing and positive,”  Mrs. Golden said.

“The feedback from the teachers about the difficulties of teachers having to teach both in-person and online students affected the decision,” said Mr. Shawn Brown, who teaches yearbook and middle school technology.“ It is going to balance teachers’ mental capability and let them have more family time over the weekend instead of catching up on work,” he said. 

These schedule changes are intended to allow teachers and students to be less stressed and more efficient.