Juniors Play a Game in Chapel


Garrett Kuch

Juniors Chris Lespron, AJ Piehl, Kirra Moore, Kim Miller, Elaina Craig, Kayla Ludwick, Katie Stanek and Annelise Lembrecht participate in the chapel game, Giants Wizards and Elve, in the gym on January 12, 2021.

The week of January 11 started a new group of chapel rotations for VCHS.  The locations and themes for each location have stayed the same, but the activities have changed.

This week in the gym, the juniors played numerous games. One of them was Giants, Wizards, and Elves: in this game you were to pick a character, the choices were between a wizard, elf, or giant. You were partnered with a person across from you, and you both were to pick a character each round and see who would win the round, therefore eliminating your partner. Each character had a different way of defeating another character. Giants beat elves. elves beat wizards, and wizards beat giants. You continue to go round by round until eventually there is one pair left. Then whoever wins the final round declares his team victorious.

“The game showed us what it feels like to be eliminated or not a part of a group anymore,” junior Chris Lespron said, “It really does show you how to bring everyone together and include people.”

“We also played Get Lost, which is like camp’s Crunchie game, and a relay race to get us out of our comfort zone,” junior Laura Everett said.

They both agreed that the theme was class bonding, “with an emphasis on inclusiveness and kindness,” Laura said.

“An example would be if you see someone sitting alone at lunch, invite them to sit with you and get to know them better,” Chris said.