Sophomores Are Taught About Conflict In Chapel


Garrett Kuch

Landen Graves, Nakaya Peters, Jayden Smotherman, and Dominique Ruff worship in the choir room.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, the sophomores had chapel in the Middle School computer lab. They watched a video featuring Disney Princesses learning to live together and deal with their differences.  After the sophomores finished talking with Mrs. Strickland, they went to the choir room to worship with the Chapel Leadership Team.

“Chapel was about conflict between others and how to solve them. It helped me reflect on past conflicts I’ve had with others and think of better ways to resolve them. It helped me to see things from other people’s perspectives which can help me in future conflicts,” sophomore Tanner Tripp said.

“Chapel was about being peacemakers. I can not only be peaceful but seek places to make peace,” sophomore Katrina Husby said.