Students Do “Worship Walk” for Easter Chapel, Part 1


Will Kroll

Junior Kyle Smith and others in his group participate in station 7 “Pierced”, and write down things in their life that burden them and nail it to the cross during chapel on March 23, 2021, behind the baseball dugout.

On Tuesday, March 23, chapel was held differently then previous chapels this year. The student body was split into 12 groups and participated in a rotation called the Worship Walk, consisting of 12 different activities that all related to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. The divided groups were each led by a high school teacher and a chapel leadership student.

“The way the groups were designed was for people to step out of their comfort zone and get to know other people,” senior Gabe Cabezas said. Chapel Leadership Teacher Mrs. Elise Strickland commented in an email that the groups had been very carefully and deliberately arranged. Each group started at a different station, and then rotated from station to station around Falcon Stadium. 

English teacher Ms. Danielle Black  noted that the oil station and the letter station were strongly impacted by the gusty wind as her group of students stopped at those sites. Students had been encouraged to wear their jackets, but the weather was often a distraction to student attention and participation.

Sophomore Carter Peters participates in “Advocate for the Lost” behind the baseball dugout during chapel on March 23 (Will Kroll)

The 12 activities were set up following the steps of Jesus up to the day of his crucifixion. One station was based on a fig tree, which is symbolized all throughout the Bible to represent Israel. Jesus once cursed a fig tree that did not bear fruit, demonstrating how bearing fruit spreads God’s word and we need to be like a fig tree and seed. Then students were allowed to taste a fig.

“My favorite part was how it was a hands-on experience, because it makes you see things in a different manner,” senior Caitlin Sweany said.

Another station was based on the crucifixion of Jesus, specifically being nailed to the cross. Jesus overcame and achieved what we never could on our own: full forgiveness and a real relationship with God. Students wrote out burdens they have on parchment paper with charcoal, then nailed their burdens to the cross, symbolizing how Jesus took on all of the world’s sin and made the ultimate sacrifice out of love.

“Easter is a very important holiday for us Christians, so it was very important for us to commemorate the events,” Caitlin said. 

This week’s purpose was for the students to have a personal time with God, while next week will be a community worship on the football field.