Easter Chapel Takes Place on Falcon Field


Harrison Jones

The combined VCS Middle School and High School Chapel Leadership Teams lead worship during Easter Chapel on March 30, 2021.

  Students began chapel this week with watching a video on Jesus’s resurrection in their first period class. After the video, the student body went out to the bleachers on the football field where the combined middle school and high school Chapel Leadership performed the songs “Here As In Heaven,” “Endless Praise,”, and “Glorious Day.” 

  “I thought the music was great, and it made me think,” sophomore Mason Releford said.

Mrs. Strickland interviews student speaker during chapel on March 30, 2021. (Harrison Jones)

    A current student spoke about his parents’ experiences with running a church in China and having to live in fear of the Chinese government. The student spoke about the government’s control over the internet and how the government can shut down any church in the country.

   Chapel Leadership then continued their worship set with “Holy Water” and “No Longer Slaves.”

    Mr. Ray Hausler,  middle school Bible and English teacher,  spoke to the student body about letting go of their sin and past mistakes and urged students to bring them to Jesus on the cross. Mr. Hausler then took the paper slips that students wrote on last week about what they wanted to let go of and nailed them to the cross. He lit them afire in a stainless steel bowl, signifying they could be left to die, and the students could move on into new life, Resurrection Life.

As the smoke from the paper rose into the air, Chapel Leadership concluded the chapel with the song “Ain’t No Grave.” 

  “I liked the message it got across,” Mason said.