Stu Co Gets Creative with Planning Events

This story was first published in the print VCHS Talon on April 21, 2021.


Harrison Jones

Student Council discusses the success of the Game Night event on April 13, 2021.

This year, the VCHS Student Council has had to be very creative in their brainstorming ideas for events. Most of the typical events that student councils would put on for the student body had to be canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Still, student council members recognized the importance of providing events for students to have fun, and have been working to find alternative events to set up.

The idea student council came up with for this event was Game Night, which occurred on Thursday, April 1, right before Easter Break which began the following day. This event followed the Covid-19 guidelines and still let the students have fun, and proved to be a good replacement for the Sadies dance that was canceled this year.

Student Council had to consider a lot of things when planning their events.

“The hardest part was probably organizing getting permission from the teachers to use their rooms for the event, as well as finding a date that worked. Otherwise the planning of the event went smoothly,” Student Council President Rachel Nelson said.

“The hardest part was making sure we had the right precautions set up for COVID and had permission from teachers to use their classrooms,” Sports Adviser Max Kroll said.

“It has been an acknowledgeable challenge to keep video, card, and board games and competitions within social distance and contact guidelines,” Vice President Laura Everett, said.

However, student council members feel that despite the hardships of putting on an event, their hard work will be well worth it for the event.

“As a whole, Student Council wants this year to be fun and memorable for everyone. Game night, like our previous movie night, is another way to still get the student body together,” Laura said. “We’re really aiming to keep school spirit up while having to break from traditions for safety.”