Senior-Led Chapel


Megan Redican shares her testimony and gives advice to freshman on Tuesday, April 27, in the rock garden.

On Tuesday, April 27, a chapel rotation was led by a group of Seniors.

First, the Chapel Leadership group sang worship songs to the freshman class, then the seniors shared their high school experience to the freshmen class and gave their testimony to them.

The Seniors that led the chapel included Kalei Yamato, Metina Cassinelli, Briana Hanson, Rachel Nelson, and Megan Redican.

“The message was inspirational because it is interesting to hear the advice of people who walked the path that you are walking on ,and the tips that they gave you to overcome challenges along the way,” freshman Nathan McLendon said.

“What I enjoyed the most about chapel is the time that you get to spend with your classmates,” Nathan said.

“The message was inspirational because they told us they went through the same kind of struggles and stresses that we are going through, and it would all work out in the end,” freshman Paige Prentice said.
“I enjoyed the small group talk with some of my classmates, which was led by ┬áRachel N. and Kalei Y. They did a really good job!” Paige said.

The seniors will rotate classes each week, until all four grade levels have been led by them.