Life Skills Class Builds Shelter for Those in Need


Harrison Jones

The 2nd period Life Skill class works on their project led by teacher Mr. Todd Kosiewicz.

The VCHS Life Skills class has been working on a project in class for the last few months. Led by teacher Mr. Todd Kosiewicz, they are creating a shelter.

“We are building a miniature house for the city, to serve as a miniature homeless shelter,” sophomore Tanner Tripp said.

This project has been in the works since early in the second semester, and they are still trying to put the finishing touches on it. It began with the creation of models, and slowly ramped up to sketches and eventually the creation of the shelter itself.

All the work done on the shelter has been done during school hours, and worked on by all of the students who take the Life Skills course.

“It can help serve the community by serving as a shelter for someone, and hopefully it could inspire others to build something else also,” Tanner said.