VCS Announces No Distance Learning for 2021-2022


Photo Courtesy of Albert Chi

This is Albert Chi’s study spot for distance learning

Due to Covid-19, Vacaville Christian Schools offered distance learning to students, meaning students could choose to have online learning instead of going to school in person. However, VCS has announced that distance learning will not be offered next year.

The decision to offer remote learning was in the best interest of the family of the students, which also meant it was in the best interest of the school. Because of this, this decision may have been a surprise to

“This was a very difficult decision to make, and one which was made with the interest of the health of our whole school.While the hybrid learning program (teachers providing instruction for both distance learners and on-campus students simultaneously) was beneficial for many families,it was unfortunately not sustainable for our teachers, causing an excessive and unreasonable workload,” VCS Head of Schools Ben Davis said.

“The decision was collaborative with administration and the school board,” VCHS and VCMS Principal Joseph Rowland said.

As Mr. Davis said, the hybrid learning model proved to be unsustainable for teachers.

“Teachers were certainly a factor. Administration was concerned for teacher well-being, and many teachers argued that we would do our best instructionally when all students were in class only. Some
teachers would have preferred complete distance learning as opposed to a hybrid model,” Mr. Rowland said.

In addition to distance learning being hard for teachers, the increasingly improving Covid-19 situation also played a factor in eliminating Distance Learning.

“The growing availability of vaccines helped us to be much more comfortable with this decision, knowing that our health environment is only getting safer. We will continue to have necessary health guidelines in place in the future and will continue to decide what’s important/necessary based on the most current information and recommendations,” Mr. Davis said.

“The vaccine had a major impact, as we felt we could better protect our teachers, even if the pandemic continues in some fashion. During the summer, we will continue to monitor state and local guidelines,and attempt our best safety measures for 2021/22,” Mr. Rowland said.