Freshmen and Seniors Bond at Retreat


Courtesy of Ms.Black

The freshmen and senior girls take a break from karaoke to pose for a picture.

During the first night at retreat, the senior and freshmen classes were divided up into boys and girls and the freshmen students were each paired up with a senior student to participate in fun activities with. 

The freshmen and senior girls went up to the senior girls’ cabin and started off the activities by playing 2 rounds of Mafia and one round of “The Human Knot,” which is when you get in a group and each grab a different hand and once everyone is holding a different hand you have to try to undo the “human knot” that you’ve just created. Then, they ended the night with karaoke and dancing.

The freshmen and senior boys, on the other hand, went up to the rec room, had snacks, played games, and played “a whole lot of Duck-Duck-Goose,” senior Rohan Aujla said. 

Overall, the night was filled with great ways for both classes to bond and have fun together. There were snacks, games, music, and dancing. “Everything was perfect,” freshman Harley Lespron said.