VCHS Students Dominate Retreat Tournaments!

Ms. Alicia Borges, junior Domonique Ruff and senior Justin Ishaq play spoons. Photo taken by: Emerson Meggers

Retreat made a return this year to VCS and so did the tournaments. There was basketball, volleyball and so much more. 

In basketball the winners were  Harrison Jones, Garrett Kuch, and John Elliot. This tournament was long awaited for seeing as students were practicing even during free time. 

Volleyball was won by Kaden Connelley and Rohan Aujla. It was a close game with the scores being 27-25. “The hardest team to beat was definitely in the championship game.” Rohan Aujila said. But even so they won. “It felt great to get carried by Ro for the win.” Kaden Connelley said. 

Gatorball was dominated by Harrison Jones, Garrett Kuch, Steve Dingman, Thomas Lane, Aaron Laxamana, Grayson Frische, and Will Kroll. Even without the tackle these students were able to make it fun!

The Badminton champions were Garrett Kuch  and Steve Dingman. This was the only tournament held indoors.

Kemps and Spoon was a captivating event. The tension and complete focus on the game was nerve-wracking even for audience members like Gabby Bollorino. The winners were Harrison Jones and Garrett Kuch for kemps and Laura Everett for spoons.

All of these students proved their athletic (and card playing) abilities at this retreat.