VCHS Students Show Off Their Talent


Lilly Ojeda

Melanie Serrano and Josiah Kim perform together at the talent show

One of the events on the third night of camp is the talent show. Students can show off all of their different talents and things they succeed at, and then be judged by a panel of judges to determine which one they liked best.

“I’m so glad I let Chris talk me into doing it, it was a lot of fun and no stress prepping for it. We just assembled a team and did a little improv jam session up on the stage. Pretty hype,” senior Kaden Connelly said. The people who showed off their talent this year included Kaden Connelly, Mason Releford, Shelby Simmons, Ainsley Smith, Chris Lespron, Cali Webb, and Nani Tabura who did a musical performance called Low Rider.

Some other acts that performed were Jonathan Cui who sang a song, Katrina Husby and Amara McClane sang a song together, Jolee Langill sang a song, the senior girls did re-enactments of popular songs, Solveig Strickland who danced, and Josiah Kim and Melanie Serrano who also sang a song together.

The talent show this year was very extensive and it brought a lot of talent and expertise especially with singing. A grand total of 5 out of the 7 performances were by seniors and actually none of them were by any underclassmen or even involved them at all. “Low Rider should have won,” sophomore Aaron Jesinger said.

The talent show this year ran pretty great but not without a hold up, just near the end they had to stall so students were invited to come share their jokes if they were brave enough to do so. Laura Everett and Elias Claasen gave some jokes to pass the time until the winners were announced. The winners were, The Senior Girls in first place, Low Rider in second place, and Jolee Langill in third place.