We Love our Pastors

On Tuesday October 5, 2021, the high school and middle school came together for a Pastor Appreciation Chapel. This year’s guest speaker was Mr. Isaac Bartsch. Our chapel leadership team was in place to lead worship time for the large group.

When the pastors arrived into the building, all of the students welcomed them with a standing ovation and loud music in the background. Once everyone was in and seated, our chapel leadership team was ready to lead everyone in worship.  “It was fun but super chaotic,”  senior Chapel Leadership member Macy Webb said.

After the worship time, Mr. Bartsch was introduced by VCMS Principal Mrs. Maylene Ripley, and he talked about all of the hard work and time that goes into being a pastor. He read a long list of job duties taken from real job descriptions of pastors throughout the country. He made sure the pastors felt appreciated. “It was interesting because we got to know some things that pastors do,” sophomore Katelin Uy said.

After Mr. Bartsch finished up, our chapel leadership team played a funny video for everyone. This video was all about “Church Complaints” pastors have heard over the years.