Winter Season Starts With Symphony Concert

The VCHS symphony team had their Festival theme concert at Vacaville Journey Downtown on November 18, 2021. Their conductor is Conservatory Arts Director Ms. Allie Knitter. The Art Walk works were from the classes of middle school and high school art teacher Ms. Susan Knight, while some of elementary art teacher Mr. John McFadden’s students’ works were projected while the symphony played.

The room was full of audience at 6:30 p.m. Head of School Mr. Ben Davis spoke at the beginning of the concert. Lots of VCS staff and students came with their family. “I am so surprised with those teachers who brought their family here. They are giving the biggest support to the symphony team!” junior Anna Huang said.

The names of the songs were “Academic Festival Overture” by Johannes Brahms (1880) and “A Hymn Festival” by Hawley Ades (1963). “I like ‘A Hymn Festival’ better, because it sounds like more positive emotion,” junior Derrick Li said.

The members of the VCS Radio Symphony include 10th graders Ryan Butler (on the ewi), David Cassinelli (clarinet), Aaron Jesinger (trumpet) and Andrew Thompson (trumpet), and 11th graders Harrison Jones (piano), and Will Kroll (alto Saxophone / soprano saxophone) as well as 8 middle schoolers.

“Their performances are very good; I like it,” VCHS Dean Mr. Andrew Wilson said after the concert.

“We usually start practice before school, which is around 6 a.m. till 7:20 a.m. so that we can have enough time to be at our first period,” junior Harrison Jones said after the curtain call.

The concert ended with the clapping around 8:30pm.