Student Council Sponsors Fun Mask Contest


Taylor Woo

Mask contest submissions posted on the high school bulletin board

In the week of January 24, VCHS StuCo sponsored a mask contest with four different categories: most creative, best school spirit, best handmade, and most scary.

“The purpose of the contest is to make light of the situation and have fun with having to wear masks,” StuCo representative junior Chloe Abrams said.

Posters were hung around the school starting the week of January 24 advertising the contest and the prize of a $5 giftcard for the winners. On Tuesday January 25, Principal Golden sent an email to all students with an attached google form for photo entries of the mask they designed. 

The mask contest seems to be a fun activity for participants and potentially rewarding. “I entered the contest because it was just a fun little thing to do besides school work,” freshman Solveig Strickland said. 

“The best thing about the contest is giving students the ability to do something fun with rules we are required to comply with,” said senior Elaina Craig.

All entries were originally due by January 28 for StuCo, who allowed the front office staff, Mrs. Lamantia, Ms. Borges, Ms. Cassinelli, and Mrs. Trumble, to judge the masks. To expand the list of participants, StuCo decided to extend the due date to Friday, February 4. 

The contest even brought about unexpected effects. According to Solveig Strickland, “I got to learn more about my classmates and what their style is.”

The winners were announced Tuesday, February 8:  Phillip Lee for most creative, Cindy Wang for best school spirit, Chloe Abrams for best handmade, and Mason Releford for most scary. They received their gift card prizes later that day.