Why Have Gas Prices Spiked?


Mason Releford

Will Kroll Fills up a truck at the Costco Gas Station after a filling meal in the Costco food court.

Why is gas $4.645 per gallon? Where are the cheapest places to get gas? What is gas?

Gas has risen $2.009 per gallon since January 2020. Even though prices are at an all-time high, there are still some places cheaper than others to get gas in Vacaville.

“We need to find a way to get gas so we can pay less for gas,” junior Jayden Smotherman said.

The cheapest places in Vacaville to purchase regular gas are currently Costco (4.25), Sam’s Club (4.29), and Arco(4.33). Their addresses are 1051 Hume Way for Costco, 1500 Helen Power Drive for Sam’s Club, and 801 Orange Drive for Arco. By no means are these cheap, but they may be the best Vacaville has to offer.

“I get gas at any gas station, but it makes sense that some of those stations require a membership to get gas,” junior Wesley Krier said.

Gas is something many upperclassmen and sophomores need, and there isn’t much we can do about its high price except wait and try to conserve gas on trips. “I save gas by braking earlier and a slower acceleration,”  junior Tanner Tripp said.

Gas prices have risen due to the sudden lack of crude oil, and this has led to higher gas prices.

But what is crude oil? Crude oil comes from dead organisms that died long long ago. It is mainly composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Crude oil is also known as petroleum, similar to petroleum jelly or Vaseline.

How do we get crude oil? We get crude oil from giant drilling machines that drill deep into the earth into oil reservoirs to suck up the oil.

What caused the oil to disappear, did it just vanish? No, oil did not vanish but the USA stopped some fracking as a major way to get oil up to the surface, and it costs more to ship oil overseas from places like Russia, and many Middle Eastern Countries. Many ships were not able to get into harbors during the pandemic, when entry was restricted or when harbor dock workers had to quarantine and couldn’t work. Refineries, which refine the crude oil into usable gasoline and other fuels, also suffered from worker shortages and quarantines.