Seniors Prepare For College


photo of university courtesy of Kim Miller

This year, many of our seniors are applying to colleges or have already applied and are now waiting to hear back from them, or have already heard back from those colleges. 

Some students started working on their applications as early as the summer before they were due and as late as the week before they were due, but overall starting applications early and applying to multiple colleges is highly recommended.

“Take the essay seriously because that’s the best place where you can make a difference,” Jonathan Cui said. 

While some students are still waiting to hear back from the colleges they applied to, others have already been accepted.

Rohan Aujla has been accepted into University of the Pacific where he will be studying and going through their dental program, and Laura Everett was accepted into William Jessup University where she was given a full tuition scholarship to and will be studying at to become a nurse.

Rocky Xiao has been accepted into 5 schools and will be going to the University of Wisconsin.

Airu He has been accepted into 3 schools and Gabe Pulido has been accepted into San Francisco State and Sacramento State, but as of right now they are both unsure of where they will choose to attend.

Jolee Langill was accepted into Dominican University of California and has decided to go there.

Jeremy Gorton has been accepted into Chico State and Sacramento State but is still waiting to hear back from other schools so he is unsure of which school he will go to.

Some students have even gone on campus tours. Kim Miller got accepted into University of Michigan and recently visited the campus. 

“It was really pretty and it seemed easy to navigate and there were lots of facilities accessible to students. It helped reaffirm that I really did want to go and it answered any doubts I had,”  Kim said.

“I would live in the dorms for my first year because it’s easier to connect with people and easier to do when you’re new to campus,” she said. 

One of the major things she said that she will need to adapt to if she does go there is the cold. When she went it was between 10 and 30 degrees. 

Some students are choosing a different route compared to going out of state or going to a bigger college. Along with others, Kirra Moore plans on going to Solano Community College and then transferring after a couple years in order to save money and because she thinks it’s a smart choice.