Environmental Club Seeks to Improve VCS Community


Photo courtesy of Jason Mendonsa

Elena Mendonsa helps renovate the middle school rock garden by planting succulents on March 18.

The VCHS Environmental Club seeks to improve the environment and raise awareness about the negative conditions of the environment through several different projects. 

“The purpose of the club is to educate VCS about environmental issues and give students opportunities to serve God’s creation. As a group of students, we want to help play our part in being good stewards,” president Elena Mendonsa said.

These past few months the club has planned several projects. Just last December, the Environmental club held a drawing and photo contest, which raised money for the World Bee Project. The World Bee Project is an organization that studies pollinators and improves their environments because they play an important role in our ecosystem and food production. 

Inspired by the recent state law requiring households to separate food waste from regular waste, the club recently spread awareness about the many benefits of composting by handing out fliers. One important benefit is “that food waste is not part of landfill and it can benefit the environment because people can use it for gardening and fertilizer,” club adviser and chemistry/life science teacher Ms. Michaela Rohrbough said. 

The club most recently drew a plan to aid the environment by improving the rock garden in the outdoor middle school lunch area. Approved by Middle School Principal Mrs. Maylene Ripley, the rock garden will be renovated by the club’s members in the upcoming weeks. They plan to add a variety of rocks, succulents, and other nature related materials. 

“I look forward to the rock garden project. It’s a work in progress, but many people have contributed creative ideas and suggestions. I believe the project will leave a lasting impression on the school since it will be available for continuous observation at the middle school,” junior Timothy Yasui said.