Sadie’s Spirit Week And Dance Was A Success


Lilly Ojeda

A group of freshmen and sophomores pose for a picture at the Sadie’s dance

This year at VCHS, Sadie’s Spirit Week occurred from March 7-11, while the dance occurred on Friday, March 11.

The spirit week was fun and interesting for most of the student body, as girls competed against boys for points. The spirit dress days were nerds vs. jocks, winter vs. summer, old vs. young, clowns vs. magicians, and lastly pink vs. blue. The girls came out on top for spirit dress points.

“My favorite spirit day was blue vs pink. It was the easiest of the 5 days and I was able to dress like I was in Legally Blonde. You could see my outfit from a mile away,” junior Shelby Simmons said.

The next thing that came up during Sadie’s week was the rally on Friday. The rally took the place of 6th and 7th periods of that minimum day schedule. Some of the things the rally included were clown face painting, balloon pop game, and the girls and boys dance-off .

The dance-off ended in a tie; both dances were very entertaining. The girls won the spirit rally. “Watching the dances and getting to sit with my friends was my favorite part of the rally,” junior
Katrina Husby said.

Lastly the week ended with the Sadies Hawkins dance. The dance this year was carnival themed and it lasted from 7-11 p.m. on Friday, March 11 in the Multi-Purpose Room.

“I would say the hardest part about setting up for Sadie’s is gathering all of the decorations, food, and supplies needed to make the dance successful! Actual setup is usually pretty easy with the help of the student council,” senior Annelise Lambrecht said.

A lot of our students had a great time at the dance. “The dance was fun and put together. There was a lot of food and fun games. The DJ did a good job and I think everyone had fun,” freshman Talya Stonebraker said.