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Though Our Size Has Fallen, Our Spirit Won’t

This opinion piece was originally published in the February 15 issue of the Print Talon.

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In the past few years I, as well as a few other students, have noticed a decrease in student population. I asked Mr. Rowland some questions concerning this and he told me that this is due to a decline in enrollment over the past ten years.

I have noticed that this has caused problems in the school, particularly with extra curricular activities. There seem to be fewer people on sports teams, which puts more work on the players. We notice that our choir is smaller than in previous years. I personally have faced the consequences of this amongst the journalism staff. In the past we have had between ten and thirty members on the publications team. Now we have six members of the team — but the same amount of work.

However, not all of the changes made this decline are necessarily bad. A smaller student body means smaller class sizes which allows the teachers to spend more time helping students.

I think the worst part of this decline is watching people leave. It is always sad when you find out that a friend that you have known for years is no longer going to go to school with you. You wonder: Will you stay friends? How often will you see each other? Will he or she remember you?

If you are worried about losing friends because they are leaving, make the first move in keeping in touch. Text them rather than waiting for them to text. Try to plan activities with them on weekends or over breaks, not just in the hope that they will return but so you don’t lose those relationships.

I think that it is important to stay positive. According to a few teachers and faculty members such as Mr. Martin and Mr. Rowland, rises and falls in enrollment are common at VCS, just as in all private schools. Though our numbers have been falling lately, they will probably rise again.

The best way for students to help is to remember that we represent the school and represent it in the best way possible, whether it be in academics, on the field, or in the way we treat each other.

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Though Our Size Has Fallen, Our Spirit Won’t