New 2019 AP Resources — How They Benefit You

Are AP classes bringing you down? Taking AP Studio Art or AP Calculus BC? Don’t worry, with new 2019-2020 year resources, your AP experience is sure to be lightened.

One new resource for this year is AP Classroom. Students and teachers can find a personalized timeline, course information, and all the tools needed throughout the school year. VCS offers many AP classes, and it can be challenging for us to keep up with the ones we’re taking.

Fear not; AP Classroom can help you manage all of that. In my time with AP classes, I’ve felt overwhelmed many times. AP Classroom will be the antidote to the illness of information overload. So, don’t be afraid of Mr. Jacob’s AP U.S. History class; AP Classroom will help you overcome that fright!

Teachers also have access to an AP Question Bank. Teachers can assign students questions that are from AP exams which have not been released before. If you’re taking Mrs. McFadden’s AP Literature class or Ms. Black’s AP Language class, this can help you practice those challenging Q1s, Q2s, and Q3s.

Finally, a Progress Dashboard was added to help teachers pinpoint and gauge strengths and weaknesses on AP content and skills. Not only does it help teachers, but it helps students monitor their own progress with specific subject matters. So, if you plan on taking or are currently taking Mr. Kuch’s AP Biology class or Mr. Gaudard’s AP Euro class, the Progress Dashboard can help you through it.

AP classes are difficult, especially at a high school such as ours, where we are held to a higher standard of education in comparison to public education. While some new procedures by the College Board aren’t exactly the most helpful, these new resources were set up with the intention of helping us to be more academically active and energized in high school. So, don’t just suffer through your AP Spanish class, exploit these resources, use them to your advantage so that you’ll be even more prepared for that ominous AP exam.