Davey Dan’s Tips for Surviving the Corona Virus


Hello my name is Davey Dan, 

Normally I would be answering your questions that you submit to things like the Talon box, commenting on our website at vchstalon.com, or emailing [email protected]. However, for today I feel that I do not need to be asked, as the advice I have for you is of the utmost importance!

Today we will be covering Davey Dan’s Top 5 tips for surviving the quarantine.

  1. Covering the Basics- In order to survive anywhere one needs food, water, and a place they can sleep. I am always prepared and always these three things on me at all times, however you may not be carrying a bed around in which case, I would recommend finding one. As for food and water, well… we’ll get to that later
  2. More than the Basics- In order to live like a normal person,  you need to maintain a balance of mental health and physical health, and if either deteriorate, the other will soon follow, causing you to fall into what feels like a slump. If this has happened to you, focus on the physical aspect. Your brain naturally cannot become balanced again, but it can work, and those chemicals will naturally allow your body to regulate itself. I personally have been doing a lot of stirring to keep my cardio up.
  3. Sleep- The next critical thing to keep track of is sleep. I personally let my sleep schedule get all out of control and it really messed me up, but I’m back to my regular 14 hours. Creating and balancing a sleep schedule is one of the best things you can do for yourself, you don’t have to sleep at the normal times, but making sure that you  do  get sleep helps get rid of that feeling that time is meaningless.  Regarding sleep, it is necessary to
    1. Go to bed at the same time,
    2. Get up at the same time 
    3. Get a good amount of sleep for you. 
  4.  Free Time- I never really had enough free time beforehand, and now I feel like I have way too much. I have found a couple of ways to pass the time. I have found having something to take care of has really helped. My new pet sour dough has been quite the companion, and even though he has died three times, I’m sure  Yeasty IV will be just fine. To make your own friend, take about 1 cup of flour, and ½ cup of water, and mix them together to get a peanut butter like texture. Then put it in a jar and feed it daily with more flour and water. Presto! new best friend.
  5.  Keeping others safe- While quarantine can sometimes be dull, it is important to remember the reason that we all must do it. To keep everyone safe, and cause as little death as possible. Staying inside, or at least following social distancing, is the least we can do to help protect ourselves and those around us. Obviously we all need a little flour and water, but we also need to be considerate of the world around us and know that this isn’t forever, this will soon end, and life will return.