Talon Staff Speaks About School

This story was previously published in the October 28th 2020, issue of the vchs talon.

The Talon Staff have a general positive attitude when it comes to the being of the school year. The staff is grateful that we are all able to attend school in person, safely, and thinks that the teachers are doing a great job with what they were given to use. We are also grateful that we are able to see our fellow classmates again and can not wait to continue the school year.

The COVID regulations put into place at the high school are very reasonable and help the students to continue to follow the guidelines put into place outside of school. The students are generally following the one directional hallway rules and are refraining from having physical contact with each other, not high fiving or hugging as we all would have done before the pandemic.

However, there are cases that the students will not be so distant from one another. This is not an act of defiance from the student body, but it’s simply students forgetting to stay socially distant due to the many years of being close to one another as the students congregate in the hallway. Although it is not ideal that students are forgetting this key rule, it is nice to know that once the regulations are taken away in future school years, the student body will most likely be able to return to normal congregating in the halls.

Also, these COVID regulations are somewhat of an inconvenience to the student body, because of the one-way-hallway rules; if a student has a class next to a previous class, but the class is a direction that doesn’t correspond with the hallway direction, the student needs to go to the second floor of the school and down the stairs just to get to a single class.