Should you get the Vaccine?

“”Doctor in face mask holding syringe with Covid-19 Vaccine text” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The state of California is prioritizing vaccines for equitable distribution to everyone in California who wants it. It is expected that there will be enough supplies to vaccinate most Californians by summer 2021.

Vaccines help our immune system fight infections in the future. COVID-19 vaccines will protect us from the virus that causes COVID-19 without having to get the illness. It typically takes a few weeks after the last dose in a series to become fully protected.

On days after taking the vaccine, there may be feelings of a sore arm, aches, fatigue, or a fever. These symptoms signal that your immune system is working and developing protection from the virus.

With the information from, the phases of vaccine distribution are as follows:

Phase 1A- Healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities.

Phase 1B- Individuals 65 and older, those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors: education and childcare, emergency services, and food and agriculture; 1B tier two would be those at risk of exposure at work in the following sectors: transportation and logistics, industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services, and congregate settings with outbreak risk: incarcerated and homeless.

Phase 1C- Individuals 50 to 64 years of age, people 16 to 49 years of age who have an underlying health condition or disability which increases their risk of severe COVID-19, and those at risk of exposure
at work in the following sectors: water and wastewater, defense, energy, chemical and hazardous materials, communications and IT, financial services, and government operations/ community-based essential functions.

There is always the question of whether or not it is safe to take the vaccine or if one should take the vaccine. Well, the known benefits of the vaccine outway the known cons of the vaccine. The only known cons of taking the vaccine are soreness and fatigue, which are common side effects to vaccines; people with a polyethylene glycol allergy, which ranges from 0.8% to 3.5% of the population, are not recommended to take the vaccine due to the ingredients.

Now with the benefits; based on what is known about current vaccines, the CDC believes that getting a COVID-19 vaccine may help keep you from getting seriously ill with COVID-19 even if you get it.

Another benefit to the vaccine is the protection you are giving to people in your community, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness. Also, the vaccine has been carefully evaluated in clinical trials before being authorized to be given to the states.

For the student body of Vacaville Christian High School, the Talon Staff encourages that everyone should get the COVID-19 vaccine once it is available. It is important for the students to get vaccinated because it will not only ensure the safety of the students, but also ensure the safety of the family members of the student body.

The vaccine will also limit the spread to those who are susceptible and at high risk. Also, the vaccine will play an important role in bringing our school to where social distancing and face masks will no longer be required.