Talon Suggests Dress Code Policy Revisions

This story was also published in the print VCHS Talon on April 21, 2021.

The VCHS dress code has been a hot topic on the minds of everyone at VCHS.

Last winter, the VCHS Student Council even submitted a proposal for dress code revisions. However, COVID-19 closed the door on those discussions.

VCS Head of Schools Mr. Ben Davis recently met with the staff to discuss some issues when the topic of dress code came up.

“What you are wearing makes a statement,” Mr. Davis said. “Our dress code should be modest: modesty is a principle found in Scripture.”

The Talon staff feels that the process which the student council has to go through to submit a proposal asking for dress code revisions is very strenuous.

The Student Council has to go through numerous steps just to get a chance at changing a minor piece of the dress code.

Presently, the process that the student council has to go through is first, StuCo creates a proposal that everyone has to vote on to agree.

Then the Student Council sends this proposal to Mr. Rowland who then has to either accept or decline the proposal.

After that, Mr. Rowland presents the proposal to the VCHS faculty members and then the VCHS students’ parents.

However, what the parents say does not weigh into the decision as heavily.

After this the proposal is dropped on our VCS Head of Schools’ desk, Mr. Ben Davis.

Then finally if the proposal passes all of these steps, it is given to the VCS School Board who has the overarching say in whether or not the changes are implemented to the school.

The staff feels that the student council should just have to bring their proposal to the Board, as they have all of the power in the first place.

The board has the say no matter what, and the board is also made up of mainly parents as it is.

So why would StuCo have to go through all of these other steps?

This way the student council could save time and the process would not have to be as strenuous and would not take months before the Board even sees it.

If the process was done in this way it would save time and effort for everyone involved.