Talon Recommends a Change to the Tardy Rule

This story was first published in the print VCHS Talon on April 21, 2021.

 As of late February, the rules for tardies, arriving to class late, has been changed by the VCMS/HS Principal Mr. Rowland.

The rule change is fairly simple: if a student is late to class then they get detention. Simple, yes,  however this simple rule change heavily affects the student body.

In the past, a student could get detention from three tardies; so the new rule is a big leap from the original policy.

The reasoning for this change was most likely due to the amount of students who would arrive late to class, which is mostly caused by the one-way hallway rule in placed at the beginning of the school year. Another reason for students arriving late to class could be simply because they were running late driving to school; in most cases the students themselves have no control in arriving at school on time since their parents drive them to school.

The new tardy rule seems to be a little strict on the student body since the majority of reasons that students are somewhat late to class is because of the hallway rule, bathroom, or having classes between the middle school and high school.

Also, having late students go to the office and receive a tardy slip just takes away more class time for them.

It is reasonable that the tardy rule is in place for students who are five to ten minutes late to class, but for students who miss the bell by a minute or two shouldn’t have to receive harsh punishment.

Also, students can just skip class and not receive a tardy slip making the tardy rule pointless.

The tardy rule itself shouldn’t be completely removed, but be remade to better accommodate the different circumstances as to why a student might be late.

Our suggestion for the new tardy rule is first, if a student is late to school because of traffic or parent carpooling, then they will be excused if the parent calls in. If a student drives themselves to school and is late, not based on traffic, will receive a tardy.

Students late to class by a minute or two should receive a warning, while students five minutes late to class should receive a tardy.

Lastly, a student would receive a detention after two tardies.