We Want Traditional Grad

This story was first published in the print VCHS Talon on April 21, 2021.

An event that could potentially look different than usual due to Covid-19 is the graduation ceremony. Opinions on how the event should take place vary, and it really comes down to whether people want a traditional ceremony, or a ceremony that is more adherent to the Covid-19 safety rules.

Last year, the graduation ceremony was very adherent to the Covid-19 safety rules. For starters, fewer people than usual attended the ceremony, and students, staff members, and audience members wore masks. People were socially distanced, and people left the ceremony seemingly as soon as it was officially over.

This differs from most years, as usually, after the official ceremony, there is a time of fellowship among family members and friends.

However, things have changed since last year, the most notable change being that a portion of people have received the Covid-19 Vaccination, and Solano County is now in a red tier. It is very important to consider that the graduation ceremony is important to both the seniors graduating and the family members of the graduating student.

Thus, the Talon Staff feels that the ceremony should be more traditional than it was last year, in that it should be able to include all family members and friends of the graduating students. Despite that, it should still adhere to the major Covid-19 Safety guidelines, those being that everyone should be wearing masks and be socially distanced.

This way, seniors are still given a memorable experience, and we can still keep people safe and healthy. Not having that sense of togetherness among students as they are graduating, paired with lacking that extra time of fellowship following the ceremony, took away from the experience from last year’s seniors. While those precautions were necessary last year, we feel that they are not as important this year, and that the ceremony should be traditional as long as masks are worn and distance is kept.