Spiderman no way home

Starting from the end of Spider-Man’s Far From Home, people all over the world know Peter’s identity, so there is No Way Home. 

The first two generations of Spider-Man gave the audience the impression that “with great power comes great responsibility.” However, when it comes to Marvel’s version of Tom Holland, it changes completely. He is a carefree person who has an aunt, a girlfriend and a best friend by his side. It can be said that his life is quite happy. That’s why Holland’s Spider-Man has a lot of negative reviews, because his existence goes against the original intention of being a superhero. 

Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield is actually the most suitable for the audience’s Spider-Man identity, but it was cancelled due to the failure to meet the expected box office. So the return of Maguire and Garfield after a 7-year gap really made many viewers cry on the spot. The plot of the whole movie is not great, but the return of the old generation of Spider-Man has brought a huge bright spot to the movie. The special effects and animations are still very good, and it is recommended to watch.