Lunch Inequity Solved?

Are you hungry? I am.

Waiting for lunch is inevitable, but sometimes the procedures can make it feel unbearable. For some time waiting for lunch was an aggravating process, but there have been some good changes which have lessened the bad effects.

At the beginning of the year I couldn’t tell the difference between the two lines. Then the rule was put into place that juniors and seniors have one line and freshmen and sophomores must squeeze into another. The inequity was astounding. A junior or senior could come 10 minutes after the doors had opened and get lunch, while the sophomore who had been there since before the doors opened was still behind a sea of people.

The no-card line at first was a simple system: every few card kids, then one no-card kid. It was fair as some no-cards had been there forever, but they did forget their card, so it’s only fair for a card to take priority.

“The reason for implementing the no card line is because there would be several students clustering at the counter waiting for the ID Directory and it was becoming a challenge to help the students ”

— Kitchen Head Mrs. Denise Sedam

Earlier in the year, the cafeteria was also open earlier for high school students. But for a few weeks high schoolers were made to wait outside for 10 minutes before they allowed us in. This may have been due to the delay of elementary classes finishing their lunch period on time.

Recently adjustments have been made. The wait outside the lunchroom is no longer so long, and the lunch directors have adjusted a more fair and easy system for the “no-card” line. Unfortunately, the inequity of the lines can still be observed. The freshman/sophomore line seems endless compared to the basically non-existent junior/senior line. The feel of inequity is strong throughout the freshman and sophomores on a daily basis.

After reaching out to the Kitchen Director, Mrs. Denise Sedam, I was notified that she also noticed the inequity of the line and would be re-evaluating this rule for the 22-23 school year. This was great news to hear. She is aware of the problem and is taking charge to fix it. Mrs. Sedam also delighted me because she is bringing back cheeseburgers! She’s an amazing Kitchen Director!

Lunch is most students’ favorite part of the day. It is inevitable to have to wait for lunch, which is why procedures are so important to make those 45 minutes easier on all of us.