Soccer Team Finishes Season

This season has been tough for our soccer players, with a season of 0 wins, 0 ties, and 14 losses for all their games and a 8.1- 0.4 point ratio. According to team captain Wiley Lloyd, who has played soccer for four years for VCHS, this season has been the norm for the years that he has played, with four wins in total over the last four years. This year it was especially bad with no ties and no wins, but why did this happen?

“Last year we lost 6 highly contributing seniors, so this year was a bit of a building year. The international students being stuck in China did lose us some subs though,” sophomore Kaden Connelley said.  “We had to play a couple of games with 10 or 11 people. But the good thing is that we can only go up from here.”

To play a varsity soccer game you can have up to 11 people for a full team, plus substitutes on the side to switch out. If either team has fewer than seven players, the game will be terminated, with a forfeit declared. Most of the other teams that the Falcons faced off against had a multitude of subs, so any injuries during the game were all the more painful to the VCHS team.

After the last soccer game of the season, which was a good game as shown by the score of 2-1, Coaches Patrick Moore and Anthony Wright thanked the team and talked about how they tried to coach this year. The pair agreed they wouldn’t want to change anything about what they did this season.

“This year we tried to focus on building accountability for men and women throughout life. You have to be accountable,  I want to thank the fifteen that stuck it out and were accountable this season,” Coach Pat Moore said.

“Thank you for letting me be a mentor and a coach in your lives,”  Coach Anthony Wright said.