Golf Swings Into Action

As we enter spring, we are now in golf season. Our golf team has had some very successful seasons over the last 5 years, including a few seasons in which they finished the top of the league.

Some players had different motives to play golf.“I wanted to join because I wanted to get better at the game of golf. My Dad inspired me to join the team,” sophomore Jayden Smotherman said.

“My mother actually said I should try golf out because I already have experience and that I could potentially get a scholarship,” freshman Zoe Stires said. “In my opinion golf isn’t really that exciting compared to other sports because it’s slow…it’s relaxing and you don’t have to rush around and learn so many rules like other sports.”

Because most golf activities are solo activities, the expectation is that Covid-19 will have little impact on the golf season. “I do not think Covid will affect the season because most of golfing you are by yourself,” Jayden said. “You can golf just by going to the golf range.”

“Covid-19 hasn’t made practice very difficult for me because only a few people have shown up to practice, and it is a sport that can be distantly played,” Zoe said.

Practices began March 15th, held at Cypress Lakes in Vacaville. The first golf match was March 29, and the last one is May 28.

The teams in the league are Golden Sierra, Highlands, Linden, Rio Vista, Esparto, and Vacaville Christian.