Falcon Golf Season Swings to a Close

With the school year coming to a close the sports seasons followed.

Golf teams in the past have performed with stats that made them successful. This year’s golf team consists of only 3 players including Nani Tabura, Zoe Stires, and Joshua Giracca. Albert Chi was on the golf team from freshman to junior year and made contributions to the team.

“In Golf it is not just brawn it requires a lot of brain and rhythm as many golfers will say if their rhythm is gone
such as a slow group ahead, they will not hit good next in the next hit,” Albert said. “What makes golf an athletic sport is the long 4 and a half hour rounds assuming the normal pace and the full 18 hole experience.”

In the past golf has had success with great players. Last year, Albert Chi has proven to be one of those great players. “My best round of golf in all time during an informal tournament is an 82, however, I’ve been getting in the 90s lately,” Albert said. “If I was on the golf team I can guarantee to make it to sectionals but
not so much masters, as they have to hit the maximum of 80.”

This year, the golf team played in three matches against other teams being Rio Vista twice and Golden Sierra. Against the first match with Rio Vista Nani scored 53, Zoe scored 56, and Josh scored 69.

“At first I did not view this season as a success. We had a hard time getting enough players to sign up due to Covid-19.
Usually we have around 6-8 players but we only had 3. We actually almost canceled the entire season but we decided to stick with it,” golf coach Dj Berryman said about how he views this season. “Last year’s coach asked me if I’d be interested in taking over the team. We had been talking about coaching golf and how I might want to pursue it after I retire from the Air Force. I’m glad I had the opportunity to coach this year and these kids. It has been a lot of fun and look forward to next
year,” coach Berryman said. This year’s golf team is fairly small but this is most likely due to the pandemic and should only have a temporary impact on the golf team.